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DLL Bookkeeping Services, Bay Area

Bookkeeping Services mission is to provide business owners with accurate and detailed bookkeeping records and financial analysis expertise.

Even though I had an extensive accounting/marketing work background, I wasn't that familiar with the QuickBooks software. Nor did I know how to generate clients being new to this work arena. I was just coming back from being out of the work force after 15 years. I needed to know how to reinvent myself and skills and how to market myself in this tough economy.

Paula Mattisonsierra helped me develop my marketing and sourcing plan.  We worked on my company logo, website, Craigslist ad, resume, networking ideas and helped in just setting up my business structure/groundwork (i.e. licensing, insurance DBA, etc.)

I also took all the bookkeeping and QuickBooks classes at the ACSBC.

Within 2 months of starting, I have 3 clients and also will be starting work at a company as a bookkeeper. Both avenues tie in with my goal of getting more experience and building my skills towards my long-term goals.

“The ACSBDC is a fantastic resource for those individuals wanting to start their own businesses. I am also very fortunate to have Paula as my mentor as she has been a wealth of information and truly believed in me when I had doubts/fears of forging ahead.”

DLL Bookkeeping Services
Deborah Lau