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Kiboo, Alameda County

Kiboo is your new way to bank and manage money.  We combine FDIC insured products with our innovative web/mobile technology to empower our users (15-22 year olds) to learn earn, save, spend and give under one complete solution, without hidden fees. 

By engaging our users with relevant real time communication to make the smart money choices, we seamlessly integrate your money into your lifestyle enabling your money to go further and in turn get you to where you want to go.

Kiboo came to SBDC in November 2009 to assist in raising capital, go to market strategy, and consultation with strategic partnerships.

Kiboo worked with Paula Groves, specifically focusing on the following areas: (1) investor pitches; (2) valuation and building a cap table; (3) strategic discussions around business partnerships; (4) go to market strategy and (5) making introductions to partners that would compliment and/or further Kiboo’s mission.

With the assistance of ACSBDC, Kiboo closed on a $700,000 investment.  In addition, Paula Groves’s support and advice has served as a pillar of support and encouragement for me (and Kiboo) to forge forward.  This is an achievement that cannot be measured.

“ACSBDC, specifically Paula Groves, has been a constant source of advice and support to me as a first time entrepreneur, as well as to Kiboo.  From making introductions which further Kiboo’s business to guiding us through valuation events to working with us to crystallize our go to market strategy, ACSBDC has been there to support us every step of the way.”

Company Name: Kiboo
Business Owner(s): Lisa Halpern, Friends/Family, Nigel Wray
Phone: 917-576-7582