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Comfort Guard, Fremont

Ayla Taszen, President of Comfort Guard in Fremont, California

Comfort Guard was started in 2006 by Ayla Taszen, an experienced materials scientist with extensive background in specialty fabrics. The company has developed an innovative and proprietary quilted fabric product which meets the very specialized need of institutional populations in need of warm, comfortable and durable one piece clothing which can’t be used to cause bodily harm for those suffering from extreme duress.

The one piece jumpsuit, plus additional garments, provides those with the potential to inflict harm on themselves, the opportunity to operate in a safe environment while also enjoying the satisfaction that comes from being well clothed and comfortable. Comfort Guard’s new line of clothing is currently being used in State and County Institutions and Ayla is making the product right here in the East Bay.

Ayla Taszen attended “Legal and Business Issues: How to Organize For Success” in Summer 2007 and “Economic Summit 2007: Accessing Capital” in September 2007. She also met with Legal Services for Entrepreneurs through SBDC’s monthly one-on-one appointment program.

“Steve Roth, the Best Practice Management seminar series, and the Alameda County SBDC have all provided significant support and guidance to me in developing my business plan and getting the first items into distribution. I will continue to work with Steve in the months ahead to raise expansion and working capital, expand my product line and open new markets.”

Client: Comfort Guard
President - Ayla Taszen
P.O. Box 14099
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 668-1421

Business Advisor: Steve Roth