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Angelos Chiropractic, Oakland

“Bay Area chiropractor successfully launches practice”

As a recently minted Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, Christina Angelos is confident professional whose growing practice will touch the health of thousands of patients over the coming years. With a winning smile, and a chance attendance at a free Alameda SBDC seminar, Dr. Angelos now has her own practice, with her office located on “Pill Hill” at 353 30th Street in Oakland, CA.

When Dr. Angelos finally reached graduation from chiropractic school, she had acquired student loan debt. Knowing that having her degree was only the first step in launching the business side of her practice, Christina was in need of help constructing a “bank ready” business plan and acquiring working capital.

Dr. Angelos attended one of ACSBDC’s free seminars on “How to Start a Business” and learned that the SBDC offered free counseling to people wanting to launch a new business. One of the ACSBDC’s Business Advisors, Ron Barrett, was assigned to work with her on a one-on-one basis.  Over a period of several months, Christina had not only created her business plan, but was introduced to and presented a loan proposal to a local micro-lender, Working Solutions.

Due to her hard work, Working Solutions provided Dr. Angelos with a working capital loan, of an undisclosed amount, enabling her to open and promote her practice.

“I would have been lost without the help of the ACSBDC. They provided me with the knowledge I needed to make my practice a reality. I would recommend their services to anyone wanting to start a new business.”

CEO: Christina Angelos
Oakland, CA