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DRACO Healthcare Consulting LLC, Fremont

Dr. Linda Zhao, Owner of DRACO Healthcare Consulting LLC.Draco Healthcare gathers and provides healthcare information to pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  It focuses on the enormous Chinese market, and is the only provider to provide patient-by-patient, hospital-by-hospital and region-by-region information.

Everyone recognizes the opportunity of the Chinese hospital and outpatient market.  Pharmaceutical companies are used to receiving highly-detailed information about the use of pharmaceuticals and patient disease states in the United States, Japan and Europe.  Data in China has been very fragmented and not readily useful to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Dr. Zhao is an American citizen and a Chinese native.  She has worked in China, US and Japan for the last 10 years in biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Prior to her starting Draco, she had worked for a major pharmaceutical consulting firm leading the effort of cancer treatment architecture in Japan.  She has decided to focus her current effort exclusively on the emerging Chinese pharmaceutical market by developing the unique database of Chinese epidemiology and hospital system to help bring better medicine and medical devices to China.

Dr. Zhao worked with the John Lonergan, an Alameda County SBDC consultant with extensive healthcare industry experience, to develop the stepping stone business plan for Draco.  By implementing actively each of these action items tangibly spelled out in the business plan, Dr. Zhao was able to establish Draco’s brand  of China-Focus consulting service in the pharmaceutical community quickly within a few months and started to serve international pharmaceutical companies shortly afterwards.     

Dr Zhao states: “The SBDC consultant (John Lonergan) was a trustworthy mentor that I had the luck and honor to learn about how to starting a business step-by-step.  I know many of us have dreamed of running our own business, but dreaming and actually doing are two quite different things.  With John’s fierce challenging on each step of my original business plan, we were able to transform my dream process into a concrete action plan. By aggressively implementing these action items one by one, we were able to (1) developed myself as a Chinese medical marketing guru, thus established Draco’s leading position of consulting service about China market (2) developed and sold the first database to pharmaceutical companies, and (3) developed a subscription model to tie customers to regular yearly information feeds and access.  John and SBDC are doing an unbelievable favor to all of us who dream of starting our own business.   With all the capitalism floating around in this world, the service from SBDC to entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs-to-be is free.  Many thanks to you John and to the Alameda County SBDC.”

Client: DRACO Healthcare Consulting LLC
Dr. Linda Zhao
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