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Sparta Performance Science, Menlo Park

Sparta Performance Science is a new facility in Menlo Park which develops scientifically-driven workout programs for professional and amateur athletes.  The company’s state-of-the-art facility provides expert assessment of athletic capabilities, a custom workout plan and continual monitoring of progress.  It targets everyone from members of NFL football teams to high school and college athletic stars.

How do you create a performance-oriented facility in a market where such a service has not been active in the past?  Dr. Wagner had run a successful clinic in Southern California, and saw the opportunity in the Bay Area to offer a unique service.

Dr. Wagner researched the market, put in place the equipment contracts, leases and eventually bank lines of cred

it which enabled him to open the facility in May, 2008 after starting in the Summer of 2007.

Dr. Wagner’s opening day, May 5, was the culmination of a carefully-produced budget and marketing plan, with several months of pre-marketing, real estate negotiation and establishing the unique value proposition of Sparta in the Bay Area.

Dr. Phil Wagner, Owner of Sparta Performance Science

Phil Wagner states:
“I had success with my craft in the past, but had no business experience or training. Alameda County SBDC Business Advisor, John Lonergan, worked with me to provide financial breakdowns for each month of the first 2 years, as well as recommending systems to put in place for a small business. He suggested creative routes for health benefits, payroll, and monthly operating costs. Starting a business in this industry was very difficult due to the significant funding needed prior to opening. After failures with three other banks over 6 months time, John put me in touch with Rick Ohlrich, who assembled a Wells Fargo Small Business loan over a few weeks and saved my business from being terminated before it even started.  This exciting venture would never have occurred without the help of these two individuals and the support of the Alameda County SBDC.”

Client: Sparta Performance Science
Phil Wagner - Owner