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Sincere Home Decor, Oakland

This is a family owned business that started as a small mom and pop shop as "Sincere Hardware" in 1988 in Oakland selling strictly plumbing and hardware. Now, it has transformed into selling almost everything you need to remodel a house with and with 5 locations in the Bay Area.

We knew that we needed to cut back on advertisements that have no way of tracking results, so we wanted to try online marketing. But before we can do that, we realized that the old website we had was not up to par due to the fact that it wasn't user friendly nor informative. We knew that there was no use of trying something like Google Adwords because even if we got people to our website, the website would not attract anyone to our store.  At that point, we knew we needed counseling on how to improve our website.

We submitted our website to SBDC for counseling and Paula Groves and David Bokash both gave me really good feedbacks. I learned so much about SEOs and what to put in the source code that can generate more traffic to our site. They suggested that instead of trying to fix the existing website, it'll be easier to build a new one and that was what we did and incorporated all the advices they suggested in there.

After getting the advice of using Google Analytics to track how many people visit our site, we currently average 350 visits per day with more than half of them being new visitors. We now confidently do online marketing and got a lot more phone calls, emails, and foot traffic into our store. 

“I want to personally thank David Bokash for following up with me these past couple of years. I learned so much from him and we deeply appreciate his help! I also want to thank SBDC for all the informative classes that I attended and the one-on-one counseling sessions. I truly admire this organization for doing what it's doing in helping all the small businesses out there. Thanks again!”

Company Name: Sincere Home Décor
Business Owner(s): Ho-Nin and Connie Au-Yeung
Phone: (510) 832-2838