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Savvy Nanny Pay, Berkeley

Savvy Nanny Pay offers an easy, affordable online payroll and tax service for those who employ nannies. Because the “nanny tax” is complicated and time-consuming, parents seek help either through accountants or payroll services to ensure accuracy when withholding taxes for nannies and other household employees. The Savvy Nanny pay difference is that we are able to harness an online payroll industry leader to provide service to Savvy Nanny Pay at a wholesale rate, mark it up, then sell those services to our clients for the best price.

Linda’s biggest challenge was learning the ins and outs of starting a business with no entrepreneurial background. Everything was new. Though she made use of online business plan templates and financial statements, she needed professional understanding of the meaning and importance of each area as it pertained to her business. Because she had not marketed an online business before, there was a lot to learn about search engine optimization for her website, keyword research, and getting the most for her marketing dollars. And then there was funding. Linda needed to know how to present her business to Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco to receive necessary start-up funds.

First, Linda worked with Paula Groves, going line by line through the business plan, ensuring that all appropriate considerations were discussed. The financials became a complex yet clear one-page spreadsheet. These financials were crucial toward managing the business’ limited resources and planning future growth. Linda and Paula Groves worked together searching key words, exploring Google Ad Words, discussing search engine optimization, and comparing marketing options. Together, they created a presentation for Hebrew Free Loan and discussed the important aspects of Savvy Nanny Pay that Linda would present.

Savvy Nanny Pay has evolved from an idea to a solid business plan, to a live start-up. Please feel free to visit the Savvy Nanny Pay website at

"No smart business owner goes it alone without advice and assistance. What surprised me about SBDC and Paula Groves, in particular was the wealth of knowledge she had on every aspect of starting a business, start to finish. Paula strikes me as someone of the caliber who could advise a major corporation – incorporating all the best practices, knowledge, thoroughness, and efficiencies that you would expect at the top; except, she is using all of that toward my little business. She has far exceeded anything I could have expected."

Linda Stone
Savvy Nanny Pay