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BioLogic Environmental Services & Waste Solutions, Hayward

BioLogic Environmental Services & Waste Solutions (BESWS) is an environmental management firm which offers comprehensive waste management services while assisting generator’s with permitting/planning, compliance and training solutions.

Our core business is the management, transportation and disposal of medical waste.

Our management philosophy is to work closely with clients in order to develop proactive strategies that effectively address these regulatory and waste management requirements while providing affordable solutions.

We knew that we had the work ethic, the expertise & the drive to ensure the success of our company. Neither one of us had very much knowledge in developing a business plan and preparing accurate & realistic income & expense projections. We needed guidance in terms of developing our projections and to tailor it to investors that we wanted to approach for start-up capital. The assistance that was provided to us in developing our business plan and the 3 year projections were invaluable in securing the start-up capital that we raised.

BioLogic attended workshops and received counseling from Mr. Barrett, through its initial phases of business plan preparation and completion. Mr. Barrett helped us significantly in making sure our projections and market analysis were realistic & not just “pie in the sky” numbers that we threw together to impress investors. After reviewing our projections with Mr. Barrett, we paired down our expectations to reflect realistic figures and accomplishments. He stressed that it was good for us to be “bullish” in what we feel we could accomplish, but any experienced potential investor would pick it apart and come to the conclusion that our numbers may be exaggerated and unrealistic. Furthermore, the seminars and course were a big help in making sure we kept our day to day operations efficient and realistic.

BioLogic was able to secure approximately $150k in start-up capital from investors. BioLogic monthly revenues have tripled from month 5 to month 14. BioLogic has established a second operation in Southern California and now offers services throughout California. We are well on our way to achieving the long term goals my partner & I have established. We are having a great time and our morale within the office complements BioLogic’s success.

BioLogic’s goal turned into a formal plan during one of SBDC’s presentations. While the economy lacked confidence and small businesses struggled to obtain capital, SBDC assisted BioLogic with invaluable resources and poise to enter the market. SBDC has further assisted Biologic to develop a unique platform where financial strength and an efficient infrastructure allow for fluid and personal relationships with all of our customers.

BioLogic Environmental Services & Waste Solutions
Albert Chavez & Armin Vaziri
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